Pets for Sale at The Thorsby Auction

Twice a year Thorsby Auction Market holds an auction for Birds and Exotic Pets. You can buy anything from chickens to miniature cattle.

Thorsby is located about 40 minutes south west of Edmonton, Alberta.  They have an auction market where they auction of cattle once a week, horses once a month (sadly many go to slaughter), and exotic farm animals, birds, sheep and goats, and exotic pets, twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.  Sometimes people even auction off their pet dogs. 

©by author, silver dapple miniature horses wait for new owners at the auction.

Buying a pet from auction is a little tricky.  Buyers should arrive early to select animals they want to bid on and have a price they want to stay under.  They also have to get a bidding number.  Listening to the auctioneer is very important or you might end up bidding too high, paying $50.00 for a pet you thought was being auctioned off for $20.00.  Listen, and watch, a few sales before you jump in.

At this type of auction things are numbered, by paying attention to the number you know when an animal will be put up for bidding.  It moves fast as there is little time wasted between animals.

Bidders should stay seated and refrain from scratching their nose (lest the auctioneer mistake it for a bid).

©young pygmy goat for sale at the auction

Buying pets at auction is a risk, sometimes they are not the age claimed, and sometimes they are in poor health, after all there is a reason the seller is selliing.  Some pets are perfectly good, for sale because the owner perhaps had too many animals, is moving, or simply going out of livestock.

Attending these kinds of auctions can be very interesting as you will see all types of critters, even house pets such as guinea pigs and rabbits, but it is the birds (chickens, pheasants, ducks) as well as the other livestock animals that most people come for, with many of the people being hobby farmers just looking for unsual pets for themselves, kids, or grandkids.

©by author a llama at the sale

A visit to the Thorsby Auction Market for one of these auctions will be a very unique experience.

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    Sounds like a fun place to go if either looking for a pet, or just for the experience.

  3. PR Mace

    On May 12, 2012 at 3:15 am

    Sounds like it would be fun but I would want to take them all home. I couldn’t stand the thought of the unsold animals being killed. Did you take any new creatures home?

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