Round Grazer Hay Bales Feeding

Round grazer hay bales are large bales of hay. They can’t allways fit into the barn. They must be fed differently than those small bales of hay have been fed for years. Many horse owners have had to learn how to do it in order to save enough money to keep our mares and guildings well fed. Here are some tricks that might help.


   Round Grazer Hay Bales Feeding Needed

   Round grazer hay bales feeding needed in order to make bales of hay affordable. Many grass and alfalfa farmers bale their hay in some very large round bales. That kind of bale has been nicknamed in many places. Some of the horse owners call them grazer bales. These round grazer bales of hay use more baling rope than the small ones do. Horse owners don’t have to cut a couple hay ropes or baling wires like they did while just feeding those small bales of hay.

   Round Grazer Hay Bales Feeding Danger

   A round grazer hay bales feeding danger must be watched out for. The hay rope that is used is dangerous. The horse shouldn’t be allowed to eat any of it. Horse feeders do not have to cut any of those baling ropes. They just have to watch the large round grazer bales as the horses eat it and pull the long pieces of baling rope out when a lot of it comes loose. With that much hay horses don’t try to eat the rope like they would if some of it got mixed into the hay that got thrown into the horse manger.

   Round Grazer Hay Bales Feeding Makes

   Round grazer hay bales feeding makes one decide how it should get done. In order to feed these large bales of hay horse owners have three options. They can purchase a large round grazer bale of hay feeder or they can just get a bale out where ever they want it to be in the pasture. If the horse owner purchases more than one bale at a time he or she needs to have some place fenced off so the horses can’t get to the large round grazer bales of hay whenever they want to. Because they are so large one can’t just stack them up like they used to do with their small bales of hay. The trick in this decision is to set the storage place up where it makes it easy to roll the large round grazer bales out of.

   Round Grazer Hay Bales Feeding Rolling 

   In round grazer hay bales feeding rolling one where it is needed can easily get done. They can be moved just like very wide tractor tires. Round grazer hay bales can be rolled along with a couple of short T-posts just like wheels do on axles. This allows the horse owner to get this chore done without having to purchase a lot of expensive equipment.


   Round Grazer Hay Bales Feeding Technique

   The round grazer hay bales feeding technique is not very difficult to master. To get all the large round grazer bale of hay weight to roll forward one should hook it to a truck. At first all you need to do is take a sledge hammer and pound a short T-pole into each side. Just be sure the pole is nailed into the center. It is just like looking at old pickup wheels. The hole in the center looks just about the same.  Hook the tow chain to one of the T-poles and run it to the pickup truck trailer pin and then back to the T-pole that is on the other side of the one you started with. If your tow chain isn’t long enough to make this loop and still leave some room between the large round grazer bale of hay and the pickup rear bumper another tow chain can get added.                                                  


    Round Grazer Hay Bales Feeding Width

   In round grazer hay bales feeding width can be a hassle. The roller bales are wider than a pickup truck. Before you can get the pickup to start towing the large round grazer bale of hay out of the storage space a spacer needs to be made. Just measure how wide the bale is and cut a two by four so that it is a little bit longer. Screw in a wood screw that isn’t too large to have the tow chain hooked on into each end of the two by four. Then take the spacer and with some baling wire hook it to the tow chain on each side of the bale. That way when the pickup starts pulling on it the bale will not rub against the tow chain. Not every spacer has to be made out of a two by four. Just about any piece of wood that is long enough will help the horse owner feed the horses.


      Round Grazer Hay Bales Feeding Trick

   One round grazer hay bales feeding trick is derived from the pickup truck used itself. Automatic transmissions can make this kind of easy because the pickup driver should be towing the round bale of hay kind of slowly and carefully. If the pickup used has an old fashioned standard transmission the driver should start pulling the bale in first gear. This can be a little frustrating when the field isn’t perfectly flat. The large round grazer bale of hay will serge forward into any hole and then get hard to tow it out. The main trick to towing these round bales out is to be patient and pull it along gradually.                                                      


   Round Grazer Hay Bales Feeding Can

   Round grazer hay bales feeding can be finished as desired. There are a couple ways these large round grazer bales of hay can be left out for feed. One can just leave them laying on their side like the large tractor wheels they resemble. That way one can simply use the tow chain to pull the short t-pole out The bale can be pulled up so they sit just like they would in a feeder. You just have to remove the tow chain and pull out the t-pole on one side. Then you have to pull the tow chain by hand over the side that is off the ground. Then just hook the t-pole back to the rear bumper trailer pin and drive the pickup forward. That way the round bale will tilt up ans start sitting on one of the side that had been used to drive a t-pole into.

   Round Grazer Hay Bales Feeding Has

   Round grazer hay bales feeding has only one drawback in not using a feeder. Horses tend to make the large round bales of hay spread out a lot as they graze on it. The only way to keep this from becoming a real hassle is to feed a cow our two out in the pasture at the same time. Good luck. Keep the spurs from getting lost. Horse Riding Some Tips.

   Round Grazer Hay Bales Feeding Helps

   Round grazer hay bales feeding helps horse owners out. Feeding these large bales of hay allows the pasture to grow thicker and taller. The horses get so much to eat the pasture can get thick enough to help horse owners keep their horses well fed year round. There’s just one more trick that helps the pasture out. Feeding these large bales of hay gives horse owners the opportunity to go ahead and fertilize the pasture. Organic Fertilizer gives you the chance to save some money and not pay someone to haul the horse manure away.

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