Sea Anemones Make Fascinating Pets

Sea Anemones must be kept in a marine type aquarium. They are great for beginners. They are often kept with Clown fish.

Sea anemones have become very popular as exotic pets for many people.    Sea anemones do not move around much and they will spend most of their day attached to some object.  They must be kept in a marine type aquarium and are great for a beginner.

Sea anemones do not require much special attention.  They give new aquarists the chance to gain some experience before moving on to more specialized and difficult species of marine life.

Many people are fascinated watching their sea anemones.  There are several sea anemones kept as pets.  You have the Common or Beadlit Anemone, Plumose Anemone, Sandaled Anemone and the Daisy Anemone.  Sea anemones are one creature that is native to the U.S.

Anemones like to be kept cool and this can sometimes be a problem.  Their water should never get over 65 degrees.  You can heat an aquarium but it is very difficult to cool one.  Sometimes it is best to keep the warm water anemones.

You can find them in tropical fish shops.  They are also sold as companions to the clown fish.  The best known warm water anemones are the Giant Caribbean Sea Anemone, Magnificent Anemone, Bubble Ti or Maroon Anemone and the Mann’s Anemone.

Keep sea anemones is very simple.  You need the right size aquarium, aeration, filter and heater with a thermostat unit.  You will need the heater for the tropical species.  A power pump is also a good idea in a large tank which will help to circulate the water and setting up an internal current which replicates the movement of the sea.   This will allow you to see your anemones tentacles waving and will help to bring their food to them.

You must use equipment in your tank that is designed for salt water.  Get an aquarium hydrometer so you can make sure you get the salt concentration right in your saltwater aquarium as this is very important to the anemones survival.

Most anemones are easy to feed.  You will feed them small pieces of seafood, fish and lean raw meat.  Anemones must be fed sparingly.  You must place the food directly in the path of their tentacles and this is the best method.  Feed them once or twice a week and remove the food they did not eat.

Sea anemones have beautiful colors and great appeal.  They will keep you entertained and amused for hours watching them.

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