The Advantages and Disadvantages of Keeping Pets

The most common animals kept as pets are cats, dogs and rabbits. There are, of course, others who have rather unusual pets like monkey, squirrels and even snakes.

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Keeping pets has its obvious advantages. Firstly, it is an excellent way of spending one’s leisure time. It is common to see people spending hours just playing with their pets. Those who have pets are usually animal lovers. To them, looking after animals is a great joy.

By keeping pets one also gets the opurtunity to learn about these animals, their like and dislikes, and other peculiar habits. A cousin of mine who rears rabbits is now almost an expert on these gentle creatures. He loves talking about his rabbits. He would go on and on about what he has learnt about them.

Another advantage is that it is also possible to earn extra income by trading in pets. Although it starts off as a hobby some have managed to turn it into a money-making venture.

I believe that keeping pets can also help person to acquire good discipline and a sense of responsibility. This usually comes about when the person is required to cater to the needs of his pet. If a pet is to be kept healthy, it has to be well looked after. That involves a lot of work and dedication. The pets have to be bathed and fed regularly. By carrying out these obligations a person learns to be disciplined and responsible.

Keeping pets would mean digging into one’s pocket to buy and look after them. Those intending to keep fish as pets, for instance, have to spend a considerable sum of money to buy the fish, the aquaium and other gadgets neccessary to keep the tank clean.

Another possible disadvantage is that your pet could land you in trouble with your neighbours or parents. Haven’t we heard stories of pet dogs chasing or wven hurting neighbours? Parents sometimes claim their children spend too much time on the pets. There will be more trouble if other members of the family do not like the animal you keep as a pet. I know of a classmate who has a squirrel. Every time he takes it out of the cage, his sister screams in fright.

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