Chameleon FAQ: Husbandry

All about chameleon housing and more…


I need information on my UVB bulb. or Does this bulb hurt my chameleon’s eyes?
This website is full of information about UV!

Here is extra reading if you want to learn more: and

Humidifiers? What’s that?
Many people who have trouble with humidity (live in a dry climate, etc.) use humidifiers to keep their chameleons happy and healthy. This is a great link to check out.

Extra reading:
Really easy ultrasonic humidifier journal – Dendroboard

I have gnats! What should I do?
Use beneficial nematodes found here:
There are less expensive, more effective products for gnats such as Gnatrol.
Or you can set out soapy water, cider vinegar, let plants fully dry out, etc..

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