Cute Pet Rattlesnake Alert

Poisonous rattlesnakes have been kept as pets for a long time. It is just that many of the outdoors encounter warnings have been forgotten. In places like Arizona, New Mexico and Texas the residents tend to be made aware of them. Here are some of the tragedies aware people are trying to avoid.



   First of all rattlesnakes are very poisonous. If a camper in some forest gets bitten their luck has lessened. The poison enters the victim’s blood stream and tries to make it to the camper’s heart. The old fashioned response to this danger is to find some cloth and wrap it around the part of the body that has been struck. A spot between the place it was bitten and the victim’s heart. This form of medication dates way back in time. Cowboys used it to survive. It’s just that with the present forms of communication victims are encouraged to go straight to a hospital. With all this poisonous danger should rattlesnakes be stored in the same caves that nuclear waist disposed of in the South West is?

   Rocky Mountain Hill Climber Alert

   While rattlesnakes are living in the mountains they tend to get where the sun hits them straight on. That’s because these snakes love to stay really warm.  People that are climbing around in the Rocky mountains just above Albuquerque New Mexico should be aware of this. That is because while climbing up a hill one can not see exactly what is above them. You can be climbing along and get to the point where your arm must hook itself over the rock above you. A rattlesnake could be laying there and strike your arm. Is steep mountain climbing very safe in the southwest?

   Jackrabbit Hunter Warning

   People that get out into some sand hills in order to hunt jackrabbits face just as dangerous situation as mountain climbers do. The hunters have to be careful and watch out when ever they think the rabbits might be hiding in a rabbit hole There have been many occasions when the hunters stumbled upon a rattlesnake living there. The snake probably ate the rabbits when it found a new warm place to live. Does this mean people who have moved to the southwest because it is warmer than their other home was should only live in big cities like Dallas and Phoenix?

   Southwest Road Construction Alert

   Rattlesnakes are not just dangerous in places where people go when they have some time off from work. Rattlesnakes inhabit some areas around the Texas Panhandle so thickly that people who are working in them must watch out. One occupation that faces the strangest danger is trucking. That is because truckers are required to lift the truck hood and check things out before the engine is started. Rattlesnakes can act just like tom cats and climb up into the fan shroud that some trucks have. If the trucker doesn’t hear it rattle and remove his arm fast enough he can get bit just like any mountain climber could. Shouldn’t there be a Federal safety law passed to protect truck drivers in the southwest from being forced into dangerous actions by their employer?

   Big City Resident Warning

   Staying rattlesnake alert doesn’t have to only be done out in the wilderness. Several big cities in the south western states were built in places where rattlesnakes once roamed around freely. Citizens there must watch out. People that own a home above the Rio Grande valley close to the Rocky mountains in Albuquerque could end up with a rattle snake laying right on their front porch. People living there have at least one advantage over the people camping above them. If they are bitten they can make it to a hospital a lot quicker. Does this mean rattlesnake pet owners must live close to some hospital?

   Cute Rattle Snake Pets

   Just like any thing else in life some people have purchased some rattlesnakes for pets. These pet owners have to be real careful with their cute pet. At least rattlesnakes give their victims one easily observed warning. When a rattlesnake observes you and prepares to bit the rattle on the tail starts rattling. The snake draws its head back and starts aiming at you. The trick of safety out in the woods is to jump back rather quickly. Pet owners have to be very careful while feeding their pet rattlesnake. Rats are considered pet rattlesnake feed because the snakes live off eating live animals. Out in the wild rattlesnakes live off of killing and eating small animals wherever it lives. Should one be careful while sticking rats by hand into the aquarium that the rattlesnake lives in?

   Ultimate Cute Pet Rattlesnake Control

   Once the pet rattlesnake owner has become alert enough to know how dangerously poisonous their pet snake really is they can learn the way the animal can really be controlled. See wild rattlesnakes tend to hibernate through the cold winter weather. They find themselves a safe deep hole and crawl down into it. That allows them to safely make it through the snowy season. Times might develop when the pet owner wants to do something to the pet snake aquarium they own. They might want their pet snake to live a life like it would have in the forest while wild. How should pet owners save themselves while caring for their dangerous pet snake?

   Rattlesnake Handling

   Since wild rattlesnakes tend to hibernate pet rattlesnake owners can put their pet snake into the refrigerator to give them the same hibernation. Rattlesnakes are so dangerous the owner should learn a kind of safe way to handle them. If hibernation sounds like a good idea carefulness counts. The owner should never just plainly reach inside the aquarium bare handily to pull the rattlesnake out. What should a dangerous snake pet owner do to handle it?

    Temperature Counts

Colder temperatures make rattlesnakes slow down. All a pet owner has to do is let the temperature drop in the room that the aquarium is kept in. They should watch out and wait until the low temperature really slows their pet snake down. At that point some rattlesnake owners sneak into the pet room with a large enough bowl and a plate. They put the bowl over their pet rattlesnake and then slip the plate under it. Some of them then put the snake into a real small fish aquarium. One that has a lid.  Then the rattlesnake can be easily carried into the kitchen or wherever the refrigerator is. As poisonous as rattlesnakes are will they replace German Shepard’s as a way to drive off thieves?

   Historic Rattlesnake Desire

   The way cowboys running cattle in the southwest handled rattlesnakes shows how desirable they could be. Back in the eighteen hundreds cowboys used to wrap rattlesnake skin around their cowboy hats. Cowboy boots might have helped keep them from being bit by rattlesnakes below their knees. Why do horses shy away from rattlesnakes?

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