Getting Your New Bearded Dragon’s Home Ready

Bearded dragons are poplar exotic pets and they can be a lot of fun. They do like a lot of room so the can climb and explore. They like braches to climb and places where they can hide.


When you get your pet bearded dragon, you will have to set up a new home for him.  Your bearded dragon would be very happy if you set up his new home with a 125-gallon tank.  You might think this size tank looks too big for your baby dragon but when he is grown, it will be perfect.  By getting a tank this large to start with, you will eliminate the need to buy a larger tank when he grows to be an adult.

What type of terrarium will your new dragon need?  Glass aquariums make excellent terrariums and are a very popular choice and possibly the best choice.  An aquarium is easy to clean and you must keep their home clean.  Plastic and acrylic terrariums are quite popular, they are very easy to clean, and they retain the heat very well.  The big drawback to them is that they scratch easily and this will hamper your ability to see your dragon and it hampers his ability to see you.  They may not allow enough ventilation for your pet and they may hold in too much moisture and humidity for your dragon.

Bearded dragons are native to the desert so they need low humidity for them to stay healthy.  You must put a cover on your dragon’s home and it should be made of mesh wire.

You need to put down a substrate on the floor and this can be smooth sand, bark chips, garden mulch, recycled newspaper or commercial cage liners.  You can also use reptile cage carpet and it will work very well.  It really does not matter what type of subtract you use you will need to keep it clean.

Your bearded dragon’s home should contain at least one tall climbing branch.  Dragons love to climb, perch and bask.  You can also have a rock in his home and it should be a large smooth one.

His home should also include a hide box, as he must have a hiding place so he will remain healthy and happy.  Bearded dragons must have a place where they are secluded and feel secure.  A hide box can be made out of just about anything such as a broken clay pot or wooden planks.  You can also get a ready-made hide box at the pet store.  The box must be big enough so the dragon can go in it and be completely hidden.

The heating and lighting are very important and the temperature in his home should be between 80 and 84 degrees.  There will need to be a basking spot where the temperature reaches 95 to 199 degrees.  In order to maintain these temperatures you can use incandescent light bulbs, heat emitters or under tank heating pads.  They will all work great.  The best way to give your bearded dragon exactly the heating lighting he requires is to combine the different methods.  Yes different sources in different parts of his home.

If you do all these things your terrarium will be the perfect home for your new bearded dragon and he will be healthy and happy.

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  1. jennifer eiffel01

    On August 5, 2012 at 11:29 am

    WE never had a bearded dragon but my sister had an iguna before she got married. It was really very friendly and tried to come out of her room every day.

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