How to Care for a Tree Frog

Ways to home, feed and handle your tree frog.

Tree frogs are adorable little guys who make great pets. Caring for them is not as difficult as some may think. 

In their natural habitat, tree frogs spend much of their time in trees where it is cool. They don’t take up much space, so a ten gallon tank aquarium is all the room they should need. They have sticky toes for climbing, so provide them with lots of decorative trees and vines to climb on. Gravels are a familiar yet easy base for these little guys. Have a light layer of gravels in the bottom of the tank, and then add about a half inch of water. Be sure to change this water every week to cut back on bacteria and odor. Or, since frogs are amphibians, you may with to have only dry gravels and add a water fountain for producing water for your frog. This keeps the water fresh for longer, and adds a lovely addition to your aquarium.

 Tree frogs can spend days clinging to one spot without moving, but watch out – they are sneaky little fellows who can and will get out if at all possible! So be sure to have a cover for your tank. Most pet stores sell flat screened covers with no doors or other openings. Simply set the cover down over top of the mouth of the tank, and be sure to use the safety locks to secure the screen lid to the tank so it cannot be raised by accident. 

As far as food goes, this is where some people tend to decide they don’t want a tree frog after all. They require live food in order to live a healthy active life. Live crickets, flies, and meal worms are the most common food sold at pet stores for these little guys. You will need to buy a small container with a breathable yet secure lid to store live food. Place an old toilet paper roll or a piece of an egg carton in the bottom of this container to house crickets. Then put in a small dish with a tablespoon full of vitamin enriched cricket drink, which is sold in most pet stores. This way your crickets will stay healthy, so that when you feed them to your frog they will in return be healthy. Tree frogs don’t care for dead bait so be sure to not put just water in with your crickets. It has been discovered that in most cases the crickets will drown while trying to drink water out of their dish, or they accidentally fall into the water and can’t get back out. Feed your tree frog by using tweezers to pick two crickets, flies or meal worms a day. Try to get crickets smaller than your frog’s mouth. A larger cricket could become lodged in its mouth. 

It is suggested that you not handle your tree frog, or any frog, too much. Frogs have a light wet coat of slime that covers their entire bodies, which provides moisture to their skin. If you do handle your frog, be sure to have damp hands, so that you don’t rub off this coating and dry out its skin. 

So, with a ten gallon tank, fresh water, trees for climbing and live food, you are all set for raising and caring for your tree frog. By following these guidelines and tips carefully, you are well on your way to a great relationship with your pet tree frog.

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