How to Tell If Your Cockatiel is Sick

Cockatiels make great pet birds. They live to have you pay attention to them. They must have attention to remain healthy and happy.

Cockatiels have the ability to hide the fact that they are ill.  Sometime when they are ill the disease will have reached an advanced stage before your bird will show symptoms that he is ill.  Cockatiels crave affection and attention and you will need to pay close attention to your bird when you are with him.  Watching for any changes in his behavior is the best way to detect if there are any problems.

If you could weigh your bird once a week it would be good as you would know if he is loosing weight which can be a sign is not feeling well.  If you cannot weigh your cocktail on a regular basis then monitor his eating habit.  Your cockatiel may stop eating and he will lose weight.  This is a sure sign something is wrong and you should take him to a veterinarian to determine the problem.

Some cockatiels pick their feathers when they do not feel well.  Feather picking can be a sign of a disease or parasites.  You will need to take your cockatiel to a veterinarian to determine what is wrong with him.

Sometimes cocktails will vomit when they are sick.  There can be several serious reasons for your bird to vomit.  You will need to take him to a veterinarian immediately.  Sometime your cockatiel will sneeze continually and this is a sign he may have a problem.  This is a sign he could have a sinus problem.  He will have to be examined by a veterinarian to determine the cause of his sneezing.

If your cockatiel starts screeching more than usual there could be a problem.  Your cockatiel could have a behavior problem or he could be in pain from a disease or a parasite problem.

You will be able to successfully catch and prevent harmful illness if  you keep a close eye on your cockatiel.

If you pay attention to your cockatiel you will notice any behavior changes right away.  These behavior changes could mean your cockatiel is getting sick.  Keep your cockatiel healthy and happy and he will have a great life and provide you with many good times.

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