Up, Then Down

Are you familiar with ferrets? They are some of the most fun loving creatures on earth and make great pets. Enjoy my experience with one of these curious animals. May it bring a smile to your day.

You’ve never lived until you’ve had a ferret up your skirt. You heard me. I had a ferret climb my stockings and zip up under my skirt. How did that happen? Let me tell you the tale.

My husband and I were walking along White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas, one evening. We were dressed up because we had just left a meeting for Bible study. Since we were close to the lake, we decided to make a quick stop to look at the birds and just enjoy the view.

While we were walking, a young couple came by with 2 ferrets on leashes. Ferrets are some of the most fun loving pets one can have in their home. I love ferrets and had to pet the female. Whoops! That’s when it happened. She was so curious about me she zipped up my skirt. It happened so fast, that I couldn’t stop her, and her owner nearly died of embarrassment.

That is one of the funniest incidents in my life. It tickled me so much that I am standing there laughing my head off and letting the owner know that I’m not upset about what happened. I finally got the ferret out from under my skirt; my stockings did survive, and the owner breathed a sigh of relief.

Is this type of behavior unusual for ferrets? No, it is not. They are so curious, they will get into anything. That, of course, is the problem. Some of the places they can squeeze into can be very dangerous. That’s why ferret proofing your home is a must if you want ferrets for pets. Ferrets can get into the smallest of places because their collarbone is very small. Tiny spaces in a kitchen can be death traps for unsuspecting ferrets. So, keep that in mind.

Thinking about getting a ferret? Be sure and do research before getting one. Although they sleep most of the day, when they play, they are so full of energy that anything can happen if you are unprepared. They bounce off the walls, literally, as well.

If you can, spend some time playing with a potential candidate. Each ferret’s personality is a little different. Make sure that you and the ferret are compatible.

Knowing the needs and requirements for having a ferret as a pet can help ensure that your ferret stays safe and healthy. After all, you want to enjoy this fun loving animal for the time she is with you.

English: One of my Ferrets, his name is Cincin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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