Save Money on Pet Expenses

Pets can be expensive, but there are a few ways that you can save money on their much needed supplies.

Pets can cost a lot, there’s no doubt about that, but they are also one of the best reasons to spend money. There all kinds of things that you can buy for your pet, including but lot limited to designer food, clothes, swim suits, sunglasses, hats, houses, carry cases, spas and more.

But of course, there are necessary things that your pet will need too, like food, preventative heart medicine, trips to the vet, yearly shots and others that that can also be expensive. Then there are the other costs, that will affect you as a pet owner eventually, like pet deposits for apartments or rentals, carpet cleaning bills, and pet sitters while you are away on vacation, or traveling for your job.

Pet Food

It does not matter, if you plan to buy the finest gourmet food, or if the regular store brand food, this is something you have to buy to keep your pet healthy and happy. Major pet stores like Petco or PetsMart, carry all brands of pet food, but so does Wal-Mart, Sams, Costco and even your local market and dollar store.

Don’t always feel that you have to shop at these major pet stores, try a few of the others, or even ordering off of the internet (from a reputable buyer of course). Some pet food websites like Purina, will have coupons or specials, it wouldn’t hurt to check them out.


Pets also need other things like food and water dishes, leashes, houses, cages, carriers, toys, sweaters, and grooming tools just to name a few. You also don’t always have to purchase these items at the big pet stores.

Try visiting garage sales, thrift stores, or trade days, for things in good condition. Or you might also find some great stuff on,, or other places on the internet. If you have a family member that sews, they may be able to custom make your pet something.

Visits To The V-e-t

The Vets office might not be your pets favorite place, but it is a necessary appointment that you must keep, after all you are the master, and they the pet.

But, of course there is that time at the end of the visit when they ask you, not your pet unfortunately, to pay the bill. There are a few things that you can try, that might save a little money on these visits. Call several vets offices, and ask if the Vet has a half price day. Some do and on those days, their services, including vaccinations, are half price.

You might also ask your friends for recommendations, their Vet might charge a little less for being a new patient.

A pet is a wonderful companion, and worth every penny you spend on them. But you can also go overboard, and spending on Fluffy or Fido can start to add up pretty quickly. Just keep yourself in check, and remember that a few minutes playing fetch will mean more to your pet that that cute sweater ever will.

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