Angora Rabbit

By Bree.

Angora rabbit originated in Ankara and Turkey. It is one of the oldest types of domestic animals. The Indian state of Himachal Pradesh was once a major producer of angora rabbit wool, but the open general license policy is forcing farmers to abandon angora rabbit raising. Indian mill owners prefer to import angora wool from China, South Korea, and Australia because it is cheaper. There are now only 36 angora producers in Himachal Pradesh, compared to over 200 10 years ago. Angora rabbits are sheared for the first time at the age of 3 months. They average 6 babies per litter. They live to an age of up to 9 years. The only part that can’t be shaved is the ends of their ears because there are too many blood vessels. The fur/wool on the ends of their ears and their whiskers can be trimmed with scissors. Angora rabbits are not the only animals whose fir can be used as wool. Some other wool producing animals are yaks, angora goats, sheep, llamas, and alpacas.

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