Choosing The Best Pet Hamster

Hamsters come in many sizes and colors. Some make better pets than others. Take your time choosing your new pet hamster.

Both adults and children enjoy having a hamster as a pet.  There are many different types of hamsters to choose from and they all make good pets.  They come in short or long haired and many colors are available.  Not every hamster will make a good pet for young children. When a young child gets a pet hamster they will need supervision and help in caring for their hamster.

Different types of hamsters are best suited for different owners.  It will depend on several things such as age of owner, number of hamsters wanted, and space available for the cage.  Get the type of hamster that suits you or your child.

The Syrian hamster is a suitable pet for children and adults.  They can be a suitable pet for younger children with supervision.  It is the largest of the hamsters kept as pets making it the easiest hamster to handle.  They are known for their good disposition.  The Syrian Hamster will get very territorial when they become adults.  They appear to be living happily with others at the pet shop but they will require a cage of their own.  If you keep more than one in a cage they will fight.

Dwarf Russian Campbell’s and dwarf winter white Russian hamsters are much less tolerant of clumsy handling than the Syrian hamster.  Because of their small size and temperament they are not well suited for small children as a pet. They are a hamster that is more suited for teenagers and adults.  Russian hamsters are sociable and therefore prefer the company of another hamster and so they are best kept in pairs or small groups.  It is believed if you keep a Russian hamster by itself it will shorten its life.

Chinese hamsters are small but they require a large cage.  They are usually very calm and tend to be quiet and less lively when handled than other species of hamsters.  They are more suitable for young children than Russian hamsters.  Because Chinese hamsters are very small, fast and timid they are hard to catch.  A Syrian hamster is a better pet for a young child.

Roborovski hamsters are hard to handle because of their extremely small size and speed.  They are sociable and amusing pet to observe because of their lively and fast nature.  They are not a pet that is easy to handle.  Roborovski hamsters require a large cage because of their very active nature.

Males are generally more even tempered than the females and tend to be more laid back but females still make good pets.  Males make better pets for young children.  Take your time picking a hamster for a pet and get the one that really suits you.


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    I had a hamster once and it went on its wheel all night

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