Considering Getting a Pet Hamster for Our Child

Our son recently turned five years old and he is very responsible and loves animals. He already has a betta fish and helps with its care and upkeep. Maybe it is time for greater responsibility and an additional pet.

We are considering getting a hamster for him.

We tried owning a cat some months ago, -it did not go well for all parties concerned! We had to give this snarling, hissing ball of hatred back to the original owner after just two weeks. The cat was the most miserable, disagreeable thing we have ever seen! For some reason that cat hated me the most. Upon my approach she would streak across the room and throw herself against the dining room windows in her effort to escape. We live on a 4th storey apartment overlooking a paved parking lot so that could end tragically if she succeeded in her suicide attempt. We couldn’t pet her, I kept finding little turd nuggets on the floor, and my wife’s allergies were starting to flare-up.

That, and cat hair on everything which is enough to make me gag, -the cat hated us and we all needed relief. She had to go back to her original owner.

Even our son accepted that the cat must go. We promised him another pet later on, perhaps a hamster. It may be time to oblige the promise.

Beloved Pets but Different Opinions on What to Get


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Since any kind of reptile is most definitely out (my wife is terrified of reptiles) we need to consider something else. Something in the cuddly, fuzzy mammal family. Myself, I was now leaning more towards a white mouse or domestic hooded rat.

When I was a teenage I had many white mice, several gerbils and domestic rats. They are friendly but they can and do nip if handled incorrectly and sometimes they may even nip you for no reason. I had a hamster once and do not recall it ever nipping or biting me. Not even once. This would be perfect for my son.

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My wife had a teddy bear hamster when she was younger. It was her favorite pet and she advocates heavily in favor of that. We have different views of what constitutes a desirable pet but we can agree upon getting a hamster I think. Hamsters do funny things and are cute and cuddly whereas a reptile lizard like my beloved “Mr. Spock” iguana just lies there on his branch giving you that long, cool unemotional stare from from beneath one slightly raised eyebrow. He could easily be plotting your demise, or simply doing complex math calculations in his head you just didn’t know for sure…

Crash-test Hamster

Videos such as this one are changing my mind in favor of hamsters. That is so cute!

You know the Tune, Sing Along!

So I think that very soon we will be adopting a hamster and acquiring all the toys, cage and accessories that come with it. A little ball of fluff that sleeps 20 hours a day, gives joy and love and never bites; sounds like a winner to me.

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  1. Petalm

    On November 26, 2009 at 7:53 am

    The problem is when you take them out to play, and they escape, only to be discovered months later.

  2. catlord

    On November 26, 2009 at 8:03 am

    My mom said the same thing about us kids.

  3. Brenda Nelson

    On November 26, 2009 at 11:11 am

    You know what I am going to say: Go to your local SPCA first, stay away from pet stores. The hamsters in stores are not socialized, and come from cruel breeding places. The SPCA is trying to save lives, and sometimes their hamsters come with free cages. (also people often end up getting pregnant ones from pet stores, staff cannot always sex the pets correctly.)
    Males are less apt to bite than females are. Personally I think 5 is a bit young for a pet, but if you and your wife are on board then great – also remember they are awake at night .
    Good luck in whatever you do.

  4. debra bell

    On November 26, 2009 at 11:55 am

    This seems like it will be a popular item this year, they just look like little rats to me. Good article.

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