DIY Gerbil Toys

Gerbil toys can get pretty expensive. The good news is you probably already have objects at home that make great alternatives.

Since gerbils chew up literally everything they get their hands onto, gerbil toys don’t usually last long. Not only are gerbil toys not always the cheapest, but the need to constantly refill them can be kind of tiring and expensive. However, there is an alternative to buying toys; making them.

Toilet and Paper Towel Rolls

Not only does this provide some fun for their curious side, it is also a great thing to chew. If you have enough, it’s simple to set them up in a tunnel and watch your gerbils explore. Unfortunately, in most cases it will take under 15 minutes for a toilet paper roll to disappear– meaning it might be helpful to have some friends and family collecting their toilet paper rolls as well. Around Christmastime, wrapping paper rolls can be a fun toy as well.

Wood Chews

This is another simple do it yourself toy that gerbils will love… as long as you have some wood laying around. Gerbils will knaw on them and eventually it will trim their teeth, which is definitely a plus. Any wood you give them needs to be untreated, completely natural.

Some people will trust sticks from the yard, although, I personally try to avoid them as they may contain mites or bugs.

Other Chews

  • Egg boxes – as long as there is no egg on the box and it looks clean.
  • Coffee Cup Holders – as long as coffee hasn’t spilled on them.

Reflection Device

Yes, some gerbils do like to look at themselves. Others wouldn’t care one way or another. The best way to do this to ensure that the glass doesn’t break is to put it on the outside of a glass cage. This way, they can’t bite it, but they can still see themselves.

What NOT to Use

  • Plastic
  • Treated Wood
  • Pine/Cedar Wood
  • Glue/tape/paint
  • Other Animals/bugs
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User Comments
  1. Jinger

    On August 13, 2009 at 7:19 pm

    You should add something about the egg cartons. There is a certain type that is bad, but I cannot remember which.

    To everyone who read this article, those toilet paper tubes are a must. Gerbils LOVE them!

    Great article! Never knew about the mirror.

  2. Bailey Thompson

    On August 13, 2009 at 8:19 pm

    Really? I had no idea about the egg cartons. I should look into that. I don’t usually give my gerbils cartons because of the chance that egg residue or disease could be lurking. I’m not sure what the chance of this is, but I love my gerbils too much to even take a chance.
    And yes… Gerbils LOVE toilet paper tubes. They diminish in little over 10 minutes!
    Only some gerbils like the mirror, others ignore it. I have one gerbil who will look in it occasionally (I’ve actually seen him cleaning his face infront of it! :o ). But my other gerbil couldn’t care less.

  3. Cecily

    On January 25, 2012 at 1:23 pm

    I also use untreated wooden clothes pegs clipped onto the side of the cage, they love them. they get especially enthusiastic if i hide a sunflower seed in the little groove between the pegs.
    I usually clip these “baited” clothes pegs in harder to reach places like above the hanging ladder, it keeps them and me entertained for hours.

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