How to Care for a Hamster

It tells what you need to do for caring for a hamster it covers excercise, being clean, health conditions, food, drink, and how to be the best hamster owner you can be!

“Peach” a pet Golden Hamster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you bring home your hamster and supplies, place the cage in a location away from drafts, and out of direct sunlight. Cover the cage floor with a 2 inch layer of bedding. Keep a filled, clean water bottle attached to the cage at a height where the spout is reachable by the hamster, but doesn’t touch the bedding. if the bedding gets wet it can rot and cause your hamster to get sick. Wash and refill daily. Provide plenty of chew toys. Hamsters love the cardboard tubes found inside rolls of toilet paper and paper towels. Attach hamster wood chews to the side of the cage. Make sure there is a house for you Hamster to sleep in. Feed your hamster a commercially prepared hamster-food mix once or twice a day. When you introduce new foods, initially feed small portions so his system can get used to them. Excercise your hamster by putting an exercise wheel in her cage. Let her exercise outside her cage inside a specially designed plastic hamster ball, available at pet stores. Close the doors to your bedroom, take her out of his cage, and let her run around in the hamster ball. Wash your hamster’s cage at least once a week. Remove the hamster to a safe location.  Remove any uneaten fruits and vegetables after two days. Fresh foods that turn moldy can make your hamster sick. Don’t bathe your hamster. Hamsters clean themselves. If you think your hamster smells bad, the odor is probably coming from dirty bedding.
Best of luck looking after your hamster I hope it lives a long time :D

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