Poop Proof Your Ferret Cage

Solution to Poop Proof Your Ferret Cage, to keep unwanted ferret waste in your Marshall Estate, or Ferret Nation Habitat cages. Nobody likes to see their ferret back up to a unprotected corner where it goves over the side on to the wall/floor/carpet.

This is how we poop proofed our ferret cages.  Just like in hockey, football, and soccer, they say keep the ball in play and do not let the other team score!  Smile well for me being a ferret owner for sometime now I say keep the poop in the cage don’t let it hit the floor!  The Ferret Nation Habitat cage was our first cage investment and it is very well constructed and very nice.  However I do not think many of the folks who design these cages own ferrets.  If they did they would know how ferrets back up into corners to go to the bathroom, and many times those corner litter boxes make a mess as the lip is not high enough, or if it is, will not fit correctly in the cage, or they kick out the litter.  Let alone cleaning up the litter from all the corner boxes it would require for each level.

So as you can from this photo we have all corners covered for accidents, what we have done is placed a tub at the bottom and use compressed pine pellet product that we get at the local Tractor Supply store.  The black tub at the bottom that holds the litter can be purchased at Lowe’s and probably other home improvement stores, it is called MacCourt  36″ x 24-1/2″ High Density Polyethylene Large Black Mixing Tub.  I did have to cut the top rim off so it would fit, if you have a good pair of tree branch loppers, they will do the trick.  That is what I used, and took maybe 30 minutes with someone to help hold it. 

The orange plastic areas are drawers from one of those cheap 3 or 4 drawer storage boxes you get at Wal-Mart, they come in all colors and clear.  Try to get one as close to the depth of the cage as possible.  I also used milk containers for food bins in 2 of the corners, just leave a good size lip, I used some wire and poked a few holes to tie them into the corner so they could not lift/spill or move the milk jug food bins.  Same goes for the orange areas, I used wire to tie on to the cage. The black tub is not tied to the cage as you can slide that in and out for easy cleaning. 

Our ferrets occasionally will have an accident on the upper levels, but in the cage is where it stays, not off the side down the wall, and or on the carpet.  They most of the time will use the bottom where the litter is, so it is rare for them to go elsewhere.  Below is another of our cages, the Ferret Nation Habitat cage.

The Ferret Nation Habitat is a better constructed cage than the Marshall Estate, however the Marshall Estate is a good cage, I sometimes see the Ferret Nation Habitat for about 10 bucks more and in that case I would choose the Ferret Nation Habitat over the Marshall Estate cage.  I see there is also another age that is similar called the Critter Nation Double Unit, is is typically from what I have seen quite a bit more in price.

I hope these ideas have helped you with poop proofing your ferret cage.  I know how frustrating the clean up job can be when your ferret goes to the bathroom in a unprotected corner of the cage and it just goes right over the side, down the wall and on to the carpet.


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  1. Crystal31

    On October 6, 2010 at 10:30 am


  2. Compgeek

    On November 6, 2010 at 11:49 pm

    Thanks Crystal31

  3. Lisa

    On July 28, 2011 at 7:14 pm

    Thank you so much for this article. We have 4 ferrets and it took us months before we finally found something that worked so they wouldnt poop on the upper levels.. we didnt bother with the plastic pieces, just the large piece for the bottom as a litter box and its perfect!

  4. Compgeek

    On December 17, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    Glad that helped Lisa.. Yeah we found that once the botom one is in place with the liter they typically stop going above, but however there are those times when they get lazy and will go on top, so we keep the other portions in place as we have carpet. If one has tile or lenoium etc it would not be a big deal.

  5. Serena

    On July 24, 2012 at 11:01 am

    This article saved my sanity, literally. I just got three carpet sharks last month and the level of waste product was getting out of control. I have had several ferrets in the past with no more than two at a time and litter box training them had always been impossible with my work schedule. Within a couple of days of using the ideas here, these three new terrors were actually using the big tub on the bottom as a litter box and were pooping less everywhere else. I still have yet to put the shelf guards in but I have high hopes for them as well. The only negative I can find is the weight of the black tub when it needs to be cleaned out.

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