Why Do People Love Bunnies?

This tells you some of the reasons why people love bunnies so much.

Why do people love bunnies, here are some reasons why they love bunnies:

It’s because rabbits or bunnies are really cute and what makes them cute is usually either how fluffy they are or how small they are or just the way they look like which make bunnies and rabbits soo adorable and cute to people.Another reason why people love them is because they look so inocent and harmless which is appealing to people.And also that many people keep bunnies and rabbits as pets and then win over people’s affection towards bunnies.People also might love them maybe from the fact of the easter bunny which may of influenced some people towards liking bunnies from when they were young.I myself love rabbits and bunnies as they are cute and fun to play with.These are some of the reason why people love bunnies and rabbits.

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    On April 30, 2011 at 10:55 am

    Just some reasons why people people might like bunnies

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